Monday, April 28, 2008

Almost here

Just a few last minute tips for everyone coming.

  • No picnicking is permitted on the beach, township regulation. You can bring one drink for personal consumption, but no food or large quantities of drinks. Please leave the coolers in the car.
  • Parking - Street parking IS NOT PERMITTED on Hudson Ave, Passaic Ave, or Salem Ave. Please use the free public parking lot located just on the other side of Long Beach Blvd. If you park on the street you will be ticketed and towed.
  • Harvey Cedars does have a public indecency law, and they do enforce it. There is a public bathhouse located at Sunset Park. If you park in the public parking lot, just walk west and you will find the park right in front of you.
  • Nothing is for sale or is to be tagged/marked for sale on the beach. That means nothing. Please reserve any sales until after the event at a different location.
  • No banners, posters, stickers, etc. Its not a trade show so please leave the salespeople at home. Let your surfboards do the talking.
  • Make sure you take off the beach more than you brought in. If we leave the beach cleaner then we found it I am sure we will be welcome back next year. This is a good tip for any day you go to beach.
Might be a little early to say, but it looks like a little low might be forming out there too. Keep an eye on it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Boards @ the AB3

Shawn Ambrose will be bringing these fine gems out east to the AB3 and NY Fish Fry. Try to make it to both if you can.

Ice9 Foamworks

Ice9 Foamworks has confirmed that they are sending out several boards for demo shaped with their blanks. For everyone who doesn't already know, Ice9 makes blanks blown in both MDI and TDI and offers custom rocker and stringer options with quick turn around. They use a new highly automated factory that makes their product more consistent and at the same time provides a safer work environment for their employees. Cool stuff.

Check them out at

Speaking of Ice9, they have generously sponsored the event and will be supplying 10 blanks to be given away as prizes.

Ballots will be available for public participation during the event, come on people vote!

Some of the categories being kicked around are:

-Best homebuilt

-Most unique

-Most non-functional ( or la cucaracha)

-Greenest board

-Best color work

-Youngest builder

-Best in show

-and whatever else we might come up with

Ice9 has been generous enough to donate some blanks for awards so a big thanks to those guys. Anyone looking to shape a board for first time or 10,000th time needs to give their foam a try!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008