Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who is coming??

Confirmed shapers attending or represented so far include:

DJ Kane from DK Surfboards
Shawn Ambrose from Ambrose Surfboards
Brian Wynn from Wynn Surfboards
Tom Eadon from Cosmic Bull Surfboards
Griffin Surfboards
Walker Surfboards
Spindrift Surfboards
Coil Industries
Casimier Surfboards
Christenson Surfboards
Josh Hall Surfboards
Matador Surfboards

More are still joining in so check back for updates.


Knots said...

Very cool line-up so far. Can't wait!


J.P. said...

I wish I could go. The Cardiff AB3 was sooper fun!

Knots said...

Would have loved to meet you J.P.
Daily SurfySurfy reader here. :)

goldenarmes said...

you guys will be stoked! i hope it goes smoother than the west coast did....park rangers were feeling upitty that day. ride everythign you can and have a blast!